22 Rays Certification (Level II)

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22 Rays Certification(Level II)


  • This workshop incorporates several of the above items:
    • Day I – Me
      • Higher Self – Guided Meditation
      • 22 Rays – Guided Meditation
      • MerKaBa Activation – Breathwork
    • Day II – We
      • Opening to Channel Guided Meditation
      • Ananda Mandala
      • Group Energy Healing*
    • Note: This workshop incorporates all of the above elements from Ignite Your Ascension.  More attention is paid to the ascended masters, their nature and incarnations.
    • Note*: What makes this workshop stand out is that students are guided to combine sacred geometry and the 22 Rays, working as a group to heal one participant at a time in the center.
      • Students hold the intention that they are restoring the one being healed to perfection, in the present.  In this way, they are conducting Divine Blueprint Restoration™. This healing method was inspired by Archangel Metatron.
    • Afterwards Participants will be able to work with these 22 different Divine energies in whatever manner they wish, in whatever aspect of their lives they wish.
    • What makes this workshop and healing method revolutionary is:
      • Rather than the traditional model of 1 practitioner and 1 client, students are taught to work as a team to heal one or more people in the center of the sacred geometry configuration.
      • Students are also shown how to work as a team to apply this healing method to their city, country, prisons, political centers, etc.  Ascension here we come!

Note: See 1-2 Hour Workshop Offering Descriptions for additional details of above named activities.



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