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We use discussion to engage the active mind, addressing issues from a more spiritual perspective rather than a clinical one. Clients are given practical tools and strategies to empower themselves.


Some common themes are:


A New Perspective
Einstein defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” David gives a different perspective on any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issue. This perspective is usually based in non-violent communication, metaphysics or another spiritual context. If you can view the situation a little bit differently, in an empowered way, through this new perspective, you can begin to feel better.


Checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling.


Using tools like the breath, visualization, and energy to process negative emotions in a healthier manner, and more quickly in the moment.


Noticing how we interact with others, and working with compassionate communication to genuinely empathize with the feelings and needs of the other person and ourselves.


Noticing judgments and evaluations towards ourselves and others that do not serve us.

Upset woman sitting on the couch and looking at therapist in a private session

Working with and through Emotions
Moving from the intellectual space into the heart space to help ourselves feel better.


Understanding our own feelings and needs even as we seek to understand the feelings and meet the needs of others


Masculine vs Feminine Energy
Balancing doing, making things happen, and being active vs. allowing, accepting, flowing and being


Other Issues
Looking at how we sometimes take things personally, programming, how our assumptions effect how we feel, empowerment


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