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“I walk in and have a chat with David and then lay down on the table, close my eyes, relax and get quiet. As David begins the session, I notice  a deep relaxation, and then a deeper inner peace begins to emerge….and as this continues and deepens, the fears and worries I was carrying are replaced with this beautiful wonderful lightness, joyfulness sense of bliss and gratitude for simply being alive. It is simply priceless. It could be simply summarized as chocolate for your heart, mind, and soul.”
-Jeb A., Retired Teacher
Several In Office Sessions


“David aided me during a difficult chapter of my life. He helped me to rise to this challenge and to use it as fuel for spiritual renewal and growth. David guided me with compassion and insight, and he has my highest recommendation. David gave me insight into some of the deeper conflicts that were driving me to remain in a painful situation. I have gained tremendous benefits in my daily life through the application of the non-violent communication skills which David taught me. I have also learned the power of meditation and Reiki in achieving both immediate and long-term benefits.”
– Nic M., Architect
Several In Office Sessions


“David Redbord has done it again. After a completely life-altering meditation with the man at Three Days of Light Gathering in 2013*, I tracked him down for a follow-up. I went in with high hopes and a big problem. We met remotely via Skype to address an energetic block I have had in my neck for the last 8 months. I had been unable to clear it despite spending months on it with a number of people working with me. Sure enough, after about 2 hours of deep inner work, from inner child to the violet flame, it was gone!
David is a man who can hold some serious space, guide some serious process, and does it all with such a humbleness that skips the whole “new-age spiritual master” thing. Nothing but pure loving kindness and compassion from this man. Despite having already run overtime, when he asked how I was feeling and I told him I didn’t feel fully balanced yet, he spent another 20 minutes working with me through a balancing and centering exercise with the patience of a saint. As the energetic shifts settled, I felt a deep sense of peace as a big smile spread across my face. The blockage was gone and I felt a strong and steady flow of energy from the tips of my toes out the top of my head. If you’re looking to move some serious energy, clear any blockages, drop any baggage, or try something totally new that will change your life, get in touch with this man. Infinite gratitude to David and Akashic Reiki!”
– Nick J., Activist
Distance Healing Session


“David is truly a healer. I went to Akashic Reiki to help deal with some issues at work. In one hour, Dave managed to work a miracle. I went into the session angry and crying about being mistreated at work. After our session, I felt like a different person! I had a very profound experience in his hands, and I trust him implicitly to intuitively know what’s wrong and to use the right tools to make me whole again. I highly recommend David and Akashic Reiki.”
– May W., Animal Care Specialist
Office Session


“What an amazing experience I had!!!! My recent session with David was an opportunity to meet my spirit guide for the first time. Through David’s guided meditation, I became relaxed and open to this new experience. Thanks to David’s guidance, I received a priceless gift from my guide and a truly powerful Reiki session.”
-Michael B., Psychotherapist

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“I felt very comfortable with David immediately. The customized session used several techniques that were catered to my specific needs. I was able to process some feelings that I hadn’t voiced before and confront them head on. The energy work was healing and David’s guidance was kind and firm.”
-Alex P., Doula
Office Session


“Had one session with David last Thursday. It’s been 5 days, and I’m seeing fantastic results. After struggling through a family crisis over the last 7 years or so, the last year has been about taking better care of myself. I’ve struggled with physical and emotional health issues and have been making progress little by little. My session with David seemed to power-boost my healing. My dreams are clear and full of current and meaningful content. And, my ablity to distinguish sources of my daily functional determinants is significantly clearer. I expect this improvement to continue over the next few weeks. In the meantime, very grateful for our encounter and would definitely recommend David to anyone needing to power-boost their healing process!”
-M.L., Business and Clerical manager
Office Session
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