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Session Length Rate
1 hour $105
1.5 hours $155
2 hours $200


All Healing Sessions are all-inclusive, and are tailored to each client’s individual needs.



Sessions often include a combination of Discussion, Guided Meditation and Energy Healing


Skype or In Person sessions are available.  You can Email us to set a specific date and time for your session. Once we’ve decided on a date/time, you can paypal your payment to Info@AkashicReiki.com. For a Skype session, receipt of your payment will confirm the session. In Person Sessions can be paid with Check, Cash, or Credit Card.


Skype sessions are just effective as In Person ones.  So if you are not in Boulder and would like to receive some healing and/or guidance, do not hesitate to book a session. Check out the testimonials if you’d like little bit more information.


Session Examples


Example 1: Inner Child Work
You may be having a trouble reaching a certain result in your life. Or maybe you’ve noticed a pattern repeating itself over and over. The same situations with the same people or different people. Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re reacting “disproportionately” to the situation with a lot more anger, fear, or sadness than seems called for. Maybe you’re feeling really frustrated or stuck.


David uses Inner Child work to trace back from a recent emotional trigger or situation to the original memory that caused this issue. Once that memory is identified, we then heal the memory and your child self. When this memory is healed, you will no longer respond to the same situation or trigger in the same way. It will no longer have the same effect on you.


From a Law of Attraction standpoint, when you had this childhood trauma and it wasn’t integrated in a healthy way, the vibration of the event and those feelings continues to stay with you until the memory is integrated, causing you to attract similar situations in your life now. When you heal the memory, the vibration is also healed, allowing you to attract different situations in the present. This literally leaves a space for you to create an entirely different way to respond and create your reality.


This is healing at the deepest possible level.


Example 2: Discussion with a New Perspective
David helps you to shift your perspective on the current situation to one of empowerment. In other words, by looking at things differently and thinking about them differently you can begin to FEEL differently. David uses non-violent communication and metaphysical wisdom from Lao Tzu to the Dalai Lama to Einstein. Each of these perspectives helps to shift and empower you toward feeling better.


Example 3: Healing a Physical Issue
David guides you to tune into the area of the body you’d like to address to determine why the issue is present, what it needs to be healed, and to do what can be done to heal it as much as possible in the present moment.
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