Guided Meditation

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We use guided meditation is used to help you find their own answers to questions.


David uses his voice to help you relax and to have a unique experience to help you empower yourself and feel better. We use our mind to help us explore with visualization, rather than focusing on stillness as in some other kinds of meditation. No previous meditation experience is needed.


Some ways we use guided meditation are:


Guided meditation can be used to help us “wash off” the negative feelings we feel as we go about our day.


These feelings might include anger, sadness, frustration, guilt, doubt, shame, etc. Afterwards we usually feel relaxed and much more at ease.


Spirit Guide
Often we have questions about our life purpose, our next steps or major life issues.


Connecting with our spirit guide or inner guide can be a very effective tool in discovering answers to these kinds of questions.


Higher Self
Often we know we’d like to feel better. Sometimes it might be tough to see ourselves in a place where that is possible. Connecting with and integrating our higher self, the part of us that already lives from love, peace, and joy can be an incredibly useful tool to empower us on our journey.


Other Uses
Guided meditation can be used to restore our connection with our heart center, and our ability to love and be loved. In much the same way, it can help us to reconnect with our throat, the area from which we express our own personal truth, and where our own unique voice originates. This can help to release unexpressed emotions, or clear any blockages any in blockages in the throat.


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