Pain Relief

Release physical and emotional pain through the Emotional Freedom Technique with David.



Pain is something that most everyone encounters as they move through life.  It can be chronic, or temporary. Often times pain is associated with other issues going on in the body.


What is Pain Relief?


We can think of pain relief as anything that helps us to relieve the pain we are currently experiencing.  That said, some methods of pain relief are healthier than others.


Methods of Pain Relief
While medication may be helpful in the short term, it is also a chemical or chemicals that we are putting in our body to solve one problem.  In an attempt to solve one problem, we create another making our body and organs work harder to process the chemicals in the medication. Sometimes addiction can result as well.


Sometimes surgery is a recommended option.  However, this is not always necessary nor the best course of action. Rather than having a sometimes invasive procedure, which carries risks of infection or other potential mishaps, non-invasive, risk free solutions are best.


There are healthier alternatives.


What method of pain relief do you recommend?


I recommend the Emotional Freedom Technique. Also called EFT, or tapping, this process is based on Eastern Medicine principles. Within Eastern Medicine, which has been practiced for thousands of years, they know that within our physical body, we have an energy system. Energy flows through more than 300 small energy centers on our body called meridians. These meridians govern our emotions and our organs. If the energy flowing through this system is blocked, this is what causes all disease; mental, emotional, or physical. When someone receives acupuncture, the acupuncturist is placing needles into specific meridian points to restore the flow of energy. This allows the body to heal itself. EFT uses your fingers to tap gently on your body instead of needles. Instead of 300 meridian points, we only need 10-15 points to use for EFT, and it only takes a few minutes.


Do you have proof that the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, Tapping) works for pain relief?


“I was amazed, when conducting a scientific study of EFT for pain, that after just 20 minutes, the pain levels of participants dropped by an average of 68%.” -Dawson Church, founder of


Yes there is plenty of proof. There are many studies showing the effectiveness of EFT in pain relief. Here are a few, courtesy of







What kinds of pain do you treat with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, tapping)?


These are some of the most common types of pain we treat with EFT:


  • Facial Ache or Facial Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Severe Headaches
  • Sinus Headaches or Pressure


Here is a full list of the types of pain we treat with EFT:
Arthritis Pain Knee Replacement Pain
Back Pain Low Back Pain
Braces pain Mid Back Pain
Dental Pain Migraine Headaches
Eye pain Neck Pain
Facet Joint Pain Scoliosis pain
Facial Ache or Facial Pain Severe Headaches
Flank Pain Severe tooth pain
Hip Pain Shoulder Pain
Jaw Pain Sinus Headaches or Pressure
Joint Pain TMJ pain
Kidney stone pain Upper Back Pain
Knee Pain Wisdom tooth pain


What is the cost of a pain relief session using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, Tapping)?
The cost of a session is normally a suggested donation of $105 for one hour. However, to create even more affordability, I will match/accept the cost of your health insurance co-pay as full payment for the session.


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