“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”-James Allen

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What is PSYCH-K?
Psych-K is a simple and effective process which works with the whole brain, allowing us to reach the subconscious directly. This often has very quick results.


What does PSYCH-K achieve?
“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”-Wayne Dyer


Through this technique, we release the old beliefs that keep us from moving forward, and bring in a positive, supportive belief in its place. In this way, we move from the memories of the past into the present moment. We bring the future into the present in a positive way. This release is often felt at the emotional, physical, and/or energetic levels.


Lets look at a couple of examples.
Example 1: Public Speaking
A person has a subconscious belief that says, “I am a bad public speaker,” when they go in front of an audience, what is likely to happen? They probably won’t do very well on stage. All sorts of things might happen. Maybe they forget their presentation at home. Maybe they forget the order of the slides or the things they wanted to say. Indeed, maybe they do not show up at all given stage fright. Imagine what happens if that old belief gets changed and rewired.


Imagine what happens if that old belief gets changed and rewired. What if that belief were changed to, “I am a great public speaker.” How would that impact their presentation? Their subconscious would be working for them. They would probably take the stage with poise, calm, and excitement to deliver their message. That message would be sharp and clear in their mind, the presentation in their pocket.


Example 2: Pain and Health
Several years ago, a person had pain in their knees for a few of days. They began to think, “I have pain in my knees.” “How is the pain in my knees?” “Is the pain in my knees better?” All of their thinking is based around this pain in their knee. The subconscious supports these thoughts by continuing to allow pain to exist.


What if this belief were changed? What if it were; “I am healthy.” Their subconscious would support this idea, working to alleviate pain from within the body.


Using PSYCH-K, we can put our subconscious to work for us, healing us and improving our lives in limitless ways.
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