Space Clearing & Energizing

“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.” -Joseph Campbell


What is Space Clearing?
Sometimes we feel that our space has a negative energy or entity that is having a negative impact on our lives and how we feel. Space clearing is a process by which all such energies and entities are removed peacefully and safely from a space. We do this with a prayer that takes only a brief time to complete. A shift in the energy of the space is palpable following the prayer, confirming the change.


What is space energizing?
We use Reiki energy to fill the space with peaceful, nourishing, supportive, healing Earth and Divine energy. This energy also helps us create more abundance in our lives and to increase profits for businesses.


Why do I need Space Clearing?
Some reasons for space clearing:
1.You feel like there is a negative energy or entity in your space.
2.You’ve just moved into a space and want to clear any energies from previous occupants.
3.If there has been a lot of conflict, or intense emotions in a space.
4.You are going through or have just gone through a major life event like career change or divorce.
5.If you would like to increase the peace, harmony, prosperity, and productivity of a space.


Does this work for people to?
The process we use for clearing people is very similar to the one we use for clearing spaces, and also involves a prayer.


How long does it take?
It can take up to one hour to clear, energize, and protect any person or place.


Does David need to come to my house to clear it?
Clearing a house or a person can be done long distance or in person.  This works because energy itself is not limited by time or distance.  For energy, these things do not exist.  If we are working at a distance, your address will be needed.  A deposit of half the cost will be needed as well. ($30) If we clear your space long distance, David will do so via a phone call.


How much does it cost?
Clearing a person would be the same cost as a one hour session, currently $105. If you would like your space cleared, the cost is the same, at $105. Minor travel expenses may be added for anything beyond 5 miles away. Please provide your address, or the nearest intersection so we have a good idea about travel time and distance. Thank you!



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