Spirit Guide Activation


What is a spirit guide?
Your primary spirit guide is a being who is not presently incarnated who is paired with you at your birth. Their sole job is to oversee your spiritual development. Spirit guides are usually beings who lived on Earth at one time. In other words, they have a gender, culture, age, etc. Your spirit guide works in the service of your highest good, always. Some spirit guides can come into your life to assist you in dealing with key issues. Sometimes they come in for certain purposes, such as healing, teaching, and protection.


How do I meet my spirit guide?
You can meet your spirit guide through a guided meditation that we will provide. In other words, David will use his voice to guide you through a meditation with visualizations. These visualizations allow you to meet your guide in a place that is safe and comfortable for you.


What else takes place during the meditation?
We recommend that you think of three questions to ask your spirit guide during the meditation. Your spirit guide is here to help you with your life issues. Alternatively, you can ask your spirit guide’s name and see what else comes up during your interaction.


What is the benefit of having a spirit guide activation?
Once you are connected through the spirit guide activation, you are always connected to your guide. You have the ability to reach out and connect with your guide at will.


Additional Benefit #1
Meet Your Spirit Animal!
Your spirit animal is a representation of you. Learning what your spirit animal is can give you insight into who you are.


Additional Benefit #2
Meet another guide or higher being and possibly receive a gift to help you on your spiritual journey.


How do these features work?
Your spirit guide activation can be extended to include these other features in the same guided meditation.


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