Throat Activation

“No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean…” -Henry Brooks Adams, The Education of Henry Adams, 1907


“If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” -Mark Twain


What is a throat activation?
A throat activation is an opening, clearing, releasing, invigorating, empowering, activation for the throat.


Why the throat?
The throat is one of the seven main energy centers in the body. It deals with the issues of communication, expressing ones truth and the ability to hear the truth. It is through this center that we communicate who we are and what brings us joy, and what we’d like.


Why do I need a throat activation?
If you’re having trouble speaking your truth.If you have been holding back from telling people things that you need to say.  If you know what you need but haven’t expressed it.  If you need to write, but find yourself unable to do so.  The throat governs all methods of communication.
What does the throat activation involve?
As the practitioner, I give a guided meditation with energy healing as we bring in a silver, healing energy into the throat. This is the energy of Archangel Gabriel and he is the one who is truly giving this activation.  Archangel Gabriel is God’s Messenger.  Messages are a kind of communication, and so in this way, Archangel Gabriel serves as God’s Voice.  As such, he is the best choice to assist you in restoring your ability to communicate and speak your truth.


How do you incorporate this into your work?
This is one of the many tools and techniques that we can incorporate into our sessions. Prior to a session, we discuss with our clients any issues they are going through and determine which healing techniques would be most appropriate to help them resolve the issue.


I feel like this is something I need. Where do I inquire?
If this is something that interests you, please call or email and we are happy to schedule an appointment with you.


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