Workshop Offerings (1-2 Hours)

Guided Meditations (1-2 Hours)

Guided Meditation


Higher Self Activation
  • Participants are guided to meet their higher self, ask questions, receive answers and healing, and integrate their higher self into their physical body.
Spirit Guide Activation
  • Participants are guided to meet their spirit guide, ask questions, receive answers and a gift.
Higher Being Activation
  • Participants are guided to meet a higher being; such as an ascended master, archangel, or deity, ask questions, receive answers, a gift and a message.
22 Rays Activation
  • David guides participants to visualize and receive 22 different kinds of divine energy channeled through ascended masters, archangels, deities, elohim, and other higher beings.
Opening to Channel
  • Participants meet a higher being who will serve as a gatekeeper for bringing through energy and/or messages from higher beings e.g. a spiritual bouncer who serves as protection and to match the channeler’s vibration to the vibration of the higher being to make communication possible.
  • Participants will also be guided to create an opening to channel ritual unique for each person.

*Note: For all guided meditations, space is provided to discuss the nature of each activation; e.g. “What is your higher self?” as well as for participants to discuss their experience.



Non-Violent Communication
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is about getting in touch with your feelings and needs as well as the feelings and needs of others and connecting with them around that basis.
  • David will talk about the four key elements of NVC: Observations, Feelings, Needs, and Requests
  • David will also teach students a four step process for processing their emotions in a healthy manner, e.g. not suppressing, and not ignoring, but tuning in and processing more effectively.
  • NVC has been used in countries around the world to mediate conflict including countries such as including Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Serbia, Croatia, Ireland, and the Middle East including the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Breathwork Offerings (1-2 Hours)




Kundalini Breathwork – Ananda Mandala
  • The literal translation of ananda mandala is “bliss meditation,” or “bliss circle.”  It is a bliss circle in that the energy of the group is used to assist each person in raising their individual kundalini.
  • Using the breath, energy is guided through each of the chakras from the root to the crown, clearing blockages and healing old wounds. This breathwork comes from the Oneness tradition and uses the group energy to raise the kundalini.
  • Note: this is a modified form of kundalini breathing, not the traditional one that focuses on the exhalation.
MerKaBa – Light Body Activation
  • The literal translation of MerKaBa is “Light Body Vehicle.”  This work is based on an Egyptian/Hebrew tradition that has existed for at least 5,000 years.
  • Participants clear blockages, bring their higher self more into their physical body, and raise the vibration of their physical body up to meet their higher self.
  • This process opens participants more fully to the universe and what it has to offer, connecting to the MerKaBa of every living being and mother Earth herself.

*Note: For all breathwork, space is provided to discuss the nature of each process; e.g. “What is a MerKaBa?” as well as for participants to discuss their experience.

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