Workshop Offerings (2-3 Hours)

Shadow Work Offerings (2-3 Hours)

Shadow Work Type


Core Belief Work(1-2 Hours)
  • Participants start off with something they notice they are judging about themselves or others.
  • Using this as a starting point, participants are guided to work in pairs to delve 20+ levels (on average) to get to what is way down within themselves that is causing the judgment or issue.  In this way, they arrive at the relevant core belief.
Inner Child Work – Guided Meditation(1-2 Hours)
  • Following the Core Belief Work above, participants are guided to visualize the memory associated with the core belief discovered above.  They are guided to flesh out this memory and recall it in detail, knowing they are safe in the present moment.
  • Using a combination of guided meditation and energy healing, participants are guided to receive information from their inner child, and heal the relevant memory which heals the discordant vibration in the present, healing not only the core belief but impacting all beliefs discovered through the core belief work.  (20+ beliefs impacted positively!)
  • PSYCH-K can also be used to further augment this process, by using a body posture to transform limiting beliefs into positive, supportive beliefs within the subconscious mind.
Radical Self Acceptance
  • Participants identify an aspect of their personality that they are currently in resistance toward e.g. being lazy, obsessive planning, procrastination, etc.
  • They are then guided to support one another in small groups to identify positive aspects of their respective personality issues.  In this way, they can make substantial headway toward self-acceptance.

*Note: Core Belief Work and Inner Child Work are done together, one after the other.


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