Workshop Offerings (Half-Day)

Half Day Offerings (3-4 Hours)



Higher Self Activation + MerKaBa Activation
  • Both workshops above are combined to facilitate an even more meaningful and transformative experience.
Opening to Channel + 22 Rays Activation
  • In meeting a higher being and opening to channel, an even deeper, more personalized and more meaningful experience will be had from the 22 Rays Activation.
Core Belief Work + Inner Child Work + Ananda Mandala
  • This combination is pure magic, allowing participants to find the core belief, transform and heal the related memory, and using breathwork to release blocks and seal the deal. Beautiful.
Radical Self-Acceptance + Ananda Mandala
  • This workshop is also magic as breath work helps with additional releasing any additional blocks, additional transformation and sealing the deal on the self-acceptance work.  ­­

*Note: Any two guided meditations or breathworks can be combined for a Half Day workshop.  Similarly, any single 1-2 hour workshop can be combined with the core belief and inner child work though breathwork is the suggested combination.


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